A new current account made for the people that do.

An incredibly better and more useful way to manage your money as a professional. Made for you and your household.

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The last current account you'll ever need.

Best-in-class financial tools, integrations with top money services that let's you budget, save and spend better.

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Better insights

Get top insights and simple financial tools you need everyday.

Insights, recent activity and more that let you make the appropriate money decisions today and the next weekend. Pause non-essential upcoming payment that might impact today's essential payment in one tap and much more.


Make budgets, any type. Save towards your goals, automatically.

Simple tools that let you make goals, save for your rent, set money aside daily for your kids school fees or your wedding. You can even go further to earn on your savings via some of our partners. A truly better and more useful budgeting tool you will finally use.


Spend smart. We've done the math so you don't have to.

Set money aside for essential, recurring expenses and goals. Know what you can afford today, this week and month. We've done the math for you so you make smart spending decisions on the go. And if you ever need to live a little, you can always boost your Safe-to-spend.

Make better union and partnership.
Make better union and partnership.

With Brassmoney Shared account, you get an additional financial profile that comes with tools you need to manage your entire household finance. Save, invest, spend together with clarity and accountability.

Introducing Instant Pay. Say goodbye to predatory payday loans.
Introducing Instant Pay. Say goodbye to predatory payday loans.

Get on-demand access to your salary or earnings any time you need it at 0% interest. Free up your cash flow and get the cash you need from the money you have earned before payday. Goodbye to unnecessary debt. Financial wellness doesn't get better.

Save better
Save better

We have partnered with the best money services so you can save and invest a lot better and earn the most on your money. Simply put money aside daily, weekly or monthly, set your preferences and we do the rest for you

A new financial
platform for a better life.

With a better financial outcome for you and your household, we are curating some of the best services to help you get an even better life

We are adding lifestyle services, health insurance. Pay your rent in installments, education savings and financing for your kids, simplify car ownership and a lot more to come your way!


Security and Privacy.

We make it a top priority to protect your privacy, and keep secure your account information. We provide relevant security guide, ensure all accounts are accessed only by multi-factor authentication

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Real human support and guide.

Get real human support when you need it on all your money affairs. Have questions? Send to our Help team via in-app or simply call us.

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What is Brassmoney?

Brassmoney is a new current account made for people on the move. Brassmoney has been created as a better and more useful way to manage your money as a professional, entrepreneur or freelancer.

What are the main features of Brassmoney?

The main features of Brassmoney include; Budgeting, Setting a spending limit, Creating a shared account with your partner, Tracking your inflow and outflow.

Can I get Brassmoney for free?

Yes. Those who don’t want to pay can benefit from our referral program.

Radically better.
Don’t settle for meh.

Personal banking can be a lot better. Upgrade to a financial platform with better outcomes for you and your family.

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