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pay day loans.


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Cover unexpected expenses between pay-days. Access earned wages anytime before your pay-day at 0%.

Brassmoney Instant Pay. Overdrafts or pay-day loans.

On-demand access to your earned income when you need it most. Inexpensive, non-predatory cash when you need to meet surprise expenses.

Meet surprising expenses when they happen.

You may plan your expenses but life is still unpredictable. Surprise expenses shouldn't send you to loan sharks.

It's simple, fast and requires no application. And your employer doesn't see your withdrawal transactions.

Integrates smoothly with Brass Payroll.

People make businesses. Brass *Payroll alongside other financial operations and cashflow services delivers best-in-class money services for any business, with extended benefits to the people behind these businesses.

Get started on Brass as a business and set up a financial benefit for your people that they will always thank you for.

Learn more about Brass for businesses.*You will need your employer to be on Brass to enjoy Brass Instant Pay. Pitch your employer. You can do this anonymously.*

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