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with shared account.

Save, spend, plan, budget and even invest together with simpler but very useful financial tools for your household.

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As you earn separately but live together, Brass shared account helps you make sense of your financial partnership when you spend, save and invest.

Segun & Gbemi

Yours, mine and ours just got better.

Household finance with clarity.

Get the clarity your household finance deserves so you can make the best financial decisions for your relationship or family. Know what goes where, and plan accordingly with our dashboard and simple tools.

Keep everything separate.

Make sense of "yours", "mine" and "ours" a lot better with Brassmoney Shared account. Two individual accounts and one shared account with your partner, that you can switch easily.

Go further together.

More than making sense of your joint expenses such as rent or house bills, go further with simple goals and budgets you can create together.

You + them = Even better finances.

Start today, with the best financial products you need to make sense of your household finances.

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