Money Conversation with Princess

Princess believes a work-life balance can be better managed as a 9-5er.

Money Conversation with Princess

What do you do?

I am a Product manager and founder of People In Product.

What's the most interesting part of your job?

I like that I am able to collaborate and communicate with different people within and outside the team. My job never gets boring as I constantly work on cool projects that are required to solve real life problems for people.

Aside from your job, do you have other sources of income?

For now, I don’t.

Do you think that you earn enough for your current lifestyle?

NO! (with all the emphasis), I don’t.

How much do you think you should be earning?

Honestly, about $2500-4000 monthly for a start and I say that with all humility.

If you had to choose between having a 9-5 or being an entrepreneur, which would you pick?

A 9-5.

Lol, why?

Because a work-life balance can be better handled as a 9-5er. It has a more structured work pattern and it is more stable than entrepreneurship to me. It also provides a steady stream of income and affords you the time and capital to easily switch to entrepreneurship if you ever choose to.

What are your five major budget buckets?

My five major buckets are Tithe, Savings, Investments, Education, Expenses (recurring utility bills, repairs, personal shopping, etc.)

What do you think your money personality is?

I’m a healthy mix of a saver and a big spender.

How does this play out in the way you manage your money?

I save a lot but I also spend a lot of money on my education and travel expenses.

Do you think travel is your biggest expense bucket?

On months where I have to travel, yes.

Let’s say you are trying to cut down on your expenses in a month, what's the first thing you are more willing to cut out?

That’ll be shopping for new items I don’t need.

What do you think will help you manage your money better?


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