Money Conversation with Oladipo

Oladipo is a marketing manager who believes that only a few people earn enough to support their lifestyle.

Money Conversation with Oladipo
What do you do?

I’m a marketing manager

What do you like about your job the most?

I like the opportunity to create compelling stories that move my customers.

Do you think you earn enough for your current lifestyle?

I don’t think most people earn enough for their lifestyle to be honest. But I live according to my income so my lifestyle is subject to my income.

If yes, how much more do you think you should be earning?

1.7 million Naira net monthly

Have you made a significant money-related mistake this year?

Well, I have not particularly made a money mistake this year but I did last year and I’m now experiencing the ripple effect this year.

What was it?

I invested in an agritech last year and unfortunately, the company folded and the founders absconded with our money.

Oh wow, that’s sad to hear.


Okay, what is your biggest monthly recurring expense presently?


Let's say you are trying to cut down on expenses in a month, what's the first thing you are cutting out of your budget?

I would cut out occasionally eating out.

What is your money personality? So there's the investor, the saver, the big spender, the debtor, and the avoider.

First of all, let me know if anyone agrees to being a debtor at the end of this interview series (laughs). I am an investor.

How does being an investor play out in the way you manage money?

You know the 70/20/10 money budgeting rule, well for me it’s a bit different. I spend 40%, save 10% and invest 50%.

What kind of investor are you?

I used to be a high-risk investor but now I'm more of a  medium-risk investor

Do you think you should be managing your money better?

I think I manage my money well enough presently.

What does money mean to you?

Money for me is just a way to access different experiences. It's a key to unlocking different experiences.

What's one money tip you always have handy that has served you well so far

Before you invest, make sure you understand what you are investing in.

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